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Here we are

2009-01-03 09:49:36 by DynamoGarage

A little something about us.

Formed in 2001, as sixteen year old kids, the band's first gig was in the garage of guitarist Max Jones, after which the group is named. Since then they have played pubs, clubs, old cinemas, bingo halls, beaches and bonfires all over the UK.

Earlier this year in April, they travelled to Madrid, Spain, playing at the inaugural 'Abril no tan cruel festival', getting coverage from national newspaper 'El Pais' and being played on national rock radio.

They are currently recording an EP, Landlocked, at 'SARM studios London', with Aaron Horn, which is set for release in early '09, and are, according to John Kennedy of XFM, "A band on the up, and definitely worth checking out".

Dynamo Garage are made up of drummer Alex Jackson, guitarists Max Jones and Chris Shipley, singer Sam Overs and bassist Jim O'Reilly, and are currently playing and putting on nights all over London to an ever-growing fanbase.

Here we are


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